Book II Taster


It has often been quoted that, ‘Rome was not built in a day’.   Many others have said that, ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire, took over three hundred years’.

History has recorded these two statements, as the accepted truth for all to behold.


Unfortunately, history did not understand that Leah, the Queen of the Albions, had other intentions for Rome.  Ones that would turn the known world upside down and echo down the centuries, for all time.


‘That all roads lead to Rome’, is the only single truth that both history and Leah can agree on. 


Leah Queen of the Albions has driven both the Romans and the Black Druids from the shores of Albion. A great many would be satisfied that it was enough but they did not have prophecy snapping at their heels.

Her people now united Leah and the Supreme Commander of Albion, Augustus Meridian now look to change the world forever. The threat of the future was well understood and they were determined to avoid it.




The Druid Elite has escaped his enemies, with information and the possible means to bring defeat to the hoards, that threaten to destroy every vestige of his civilisation. He is still far from home but he is no longer alone or powerless to act but is his ally all that she seems. Only time will tell but he is Druid Elite and that must count for something in the war that was raging all around him.




Surrounded on all sides by enemies, she was both all-powerful and powerless.  As the leader of her people, she must battle with all her might to save them.  Otherwise, all hope for a better future would be gone forever.




Heroes are defined, as those who run towards danger regardless of personal well-being or survival. Jane and Roswell did not feel like heroes but the fate and the very survival of their new home might just rest on their shoulders. Consequently, they found that their lives were becoming increasingly stranger and more dangerous.


Strangers in a world, which was not their own, the two scientists knew that they were far from home and getting further away from it, by the second but what choice did they actually have. 

No this was nothing remotely like Kansas, or even far off Surrey.