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Postcards from Canal du Midi

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Like the TV series Rick Steins French Odyssey, let yourself be seduced by the Canal du Midi.
The building of this national "treasure" was commenced in 1666 by the tax collector Riquet who, for obvious reasons, wanted to connect the economies of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
It was a love affair between the taxman, nature and engineering; he could never have imagined how the grace, beauty and popularity of the canal would live on to this day.

The Canal runs for 235 kilometers utilizing over 100 locks to negotiate the "Flat lands" between the Black Mountains and the Pyrenees.
It is not difficult to see why the constructions of modern highways centuries later follow much of the same route.

In the golden days of canal transport many towns and villages along the waters edge reaped the benefits of the canal traffic building up significant wealth.
Today it's the cruise boats full of leisure seeking tourists who benefit from the vision, passion and toil of the tax collector Riquet. Yes!

The rule of thumb is that if it's on the Canal du Midi then it's worth a visit, hence Rick Stein's fabulously successful series. Consider taking a look at Castelnaudary, Carcassonne, Trebes, Bezieres, Narbonne and Agde where the canal ultimately meets the Mediterranean.

20 minute drive from Limoux

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