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If you are looking for some truly excellent fish and seafood it may come a bit of a surprise to find that in La Jonquera there is one that fits the bill perfectly. Away from the hustle and bustle of this frontier town, Els Fogons de Canadal looks out across the valley from it's hilltop position and unless you make a concerted effort to see La Jonquera it has dissapeared from view.

It is not easy to find or get to but it really is worth the effort. The plan below is a rough guide to how to get there. Sortida 2 (exit 2) on the Toll Road/Peage is also described as La Jonquera South. Follow the route shown on the plan and you will find yourself behind some industrial units. Watch out for vehicles manovering! You will find a concrete drive leading up the very steep hill that has been installed by the owners of the restaurant. When you reach the top you will get fantastic views across the Costa Blanca plain to the Pyrenees and no hint of La Jonquera. There is plentiful parking.
La Jonquera is 1.25 hours from Carcassonne and 20 minutes from Soredè

The restaurant is a delight set amongst the walls of this small castle it has open terraces for eating outdoors and a large air-conditioned restaurant for when it gets too hot. The food is exceptional and a three course 'Plat de Jour' will set you back about €20.00 including wine. Fancy something more expensive well that can be taken care of too by selecting from the catch of the day. The staff are pleasant, friendly, efficient and speak in many languages.

In summary do not miss out on a visit to this restaurant even if it's only for a drink on the terrace and to take in the views. It is open all day and since the Spanish have no fixed time for lunch you can turn up at 2.30 and still be served, in fact this is when it gets busy with the local families. Unmissable!

How to get there. La Jonquera is situated just over the border into Spain. Follow the A9 Toll Road to Barcelona and take the second exit on the A2 a couple of miles past the border checkpoint.