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Emergency Contact Numbers

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Emergency Numbers - Please note that this page may not always be up to date, despite our best intentions!

When visiting France on Holiday you may from time to time require some help from the French emergency services or from the British Embassy.

Here are some useful telephone numbers that hopefully you will not have to use.
Remember there is a First Aid Kit in the kitchen and there is one for you to use when you go out on trips in the car, but please do let us know
if you use it, so we can replenish it.

British Embassy - Paris France
35 rue du Faubourg St Honoré
75383 Paris Cedex 08

Tel: +33 (0)1 44 51 31 00

http:// www.amb-grandebretagne.fr

Emergency Numbers to dial from a fixed line

112 - Emergencies

15 - Samu (Mobile Emergency Medical Service)

17 - Police Emergency

18 - Fire Brigade

Emergency Numbers to dial from a mobile phone

112 - Emergencies from a mobile phone

115 - Samu Social (Mobile Emergency Medical and Social Service)

117 - Police Emergency

118 - Fire Brigade

Limoux Services.

Hôpital Local de Limoux - Quillan

17, Madeleine Brès Street,
Limoux 11300

+33 4 68 74 67 01


Centre Hospitalier Carcassonne

1060 Chemin de la Madeleine
CS40001, 11810 Carcassonne Cedex

+33 (0)4 68 24 24 24


Sorede Services.

Centre Hospitalier de Perpignan

20 avenue du Languedoc, (A9 highway, "Perpignan Nord" exit or Bus line n⁰2. Also called "Hôpital Saint-Jean").

Tel: 04 68 61 66 33 International: +33 4 68 61 66 33


Sorry but we are not allowed to advertise English Speaking Doctors on this site. Although you will
find details in the Visitor Pack at the house.

We hope you don't have to use these French telephone numbers but you may find it useful to note them down and keep them with you.
Better still print this page and take it with you along with some Travel Insurance and a E111 card.

Exit - Sortie - Salida - Uscita - Saída