Book I Taster


It is 57BC and the Roman invasion of the island of Britain, is underway. The invasion threatens to sweep through the land bringing death and destruction to all who stand in the way of the Emperor's legions.   Opposing them are the Druid led forces, who are not only seeking to drive the  Romans back into the sea but seize control of the many tribes, which inhabit this land at the edge of the known world.


Standing between them is a young girl and her Druid father, along with a prophecy from the Gods. A prophecy, which states that she will unite the Albion people of Britain and then become their Queen. Unfortunately, no one even knows of her existence except the Gods and her devoted father.   

It is therefore going to be a challenge of truly epic proportions.  Bound by a prophecy, which she cannot avoid, the young girl ventures away from the only home she has ever known, to seek allies.


Finding an ally amongst her enemy, is only the first step on the way to fulfilling the prophecy, which will change how history is eventually written.




He is a Druid Elite surrounded by the enemies of his people with no possibility of escape but he does not harbour any desire to surrender to the inevitable. It is not the way of a Druid Elite to accept defeat even when faced by impossible odds. Therefore, he must depend on his wits and resolve to make the best use of the almost non-existent resources at his disposal.





Escaping certain death, the woman and the man thought that they would be safe in this new land but it was far from that.


In fact, it was even more dangerous than the one, which they had left behind, despite its many wonders. It was most certainly not Kansas, as they were soon about to find out.