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Limoux Restaurants

Information on the Aude at Limoux to be added to this guide       

Any comments are entirely personal and I retain the right to be totally wrong. Still on the voyage of discovery and I have only visited a fraction of those listed, so you are your own.
Remember things change, owners and chef's move on so what is good at the moment may not be the case at another time. The exception being McDonalds see below

Restaurant Maison de la Blanquette
46 Promenade du Tivoli - 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 01 63.
In recent times this has been a great place being listed in the Michelin guide, it is still very good but the new owners are struggling to make their distinctive mark.

Café Tivoli
Promenade du Tivoli - 11300 Limoux.
Good place for a good wholesome Plat de Jour (Lunchtimes) during the week, especially if you can sit outside. Friendly staff

Moderne et Pigeon
1, Place Général Leclerc. 11300 Limoux
The best of the best, we are talking serious food event here. Special occasions warrant the price which is steep but worth every cent.

La Ciboulette
1 Avenue Fabre d'Eglantine - 11300 Limoux.  Tel 04 68 31 73 00.
Not visited yet.

La Goutine
10 Rue de La Goutine, 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 74 34 07
Not visited yet.

29 Avenue Fabre d'Eglantine. 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 21 95.
Not visited yet.

Restaurant Chinois Perle d'Orient
13 Rue de la Goutine - 11300 Limoux Tel 04 68 31 13 36
One of my regular haunts, the hostess Tee Hee is a personal friend and the food is very good and inexpensive.

Entre Terre et Mer [poissons et fruits de mer, Plat du jour]
Avenue Camille, Bouche - 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 69 31 37 32
Planned visit March 2008. watch this space!

Le Flassian
Avenue de Languedoc. 11300 Limoux
Had a nice reasonably priced meal at Christmas here, worth a visit in the summer I think!

Restaurant L'Hibiscus
Hameau de Vendemies - 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 53 58
Not visited yet, this has good reviews but lays out of town, so not got there. April/May visit planned

Café des Cars [Snack-bar / grillades]
6 Avenue du Pont de France

Not visited yet.
Brasserie Le Grand Café
Place de La République - 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 08 14
Located on the square this is a very popular restaurant which is run to the highest standards, but this is reflected in the prices. Still worth paying that small premium!

Café-Restaurant La Concorde
Place de La République - 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 41 19
The best place for lunch when the sun is shining. Actually my favourite watering hole and where I go for my Grande Café Noir (et Cognac) in the mornings.

Le Concept
9 Place de La République - 11300 Limoux.    Tel 04 68 74 29 73
Not visited recently.

Le Pause Café [bar, sandwichs,menu du jour]
Avenue François Mitterrand - 11300 Limoux
Not visited yet.

Restaurant Végétarien
10 Rue de La Goutine, 11300 Limoux.
I am sure the food here is very good but I am afraid unless someone insists and pays for the whole meal including wine, brandy etc. I will never know being the carnivore that I am.

Mc Donald's [cafétéria]
Route de Carcassone 1300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 82 82.
One of life's mysteries good food and McD are never mentioned in the same sentence so why with some of the greatest food in the world available everywhere at good prices is there a need for McDs in France. If you are really tempted I will just say one thing. In France they serve beer & wine which surely makes them the best McDonalds's in the world, that and being referred to, in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

La Cafe'Leclerc
Route de Carcassonne 11300 Limoux.   Tel 04 68 31 68 37
Good for a snack whilst doing the shopping, not used this one but have used the one in Carcassonne.

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